Karnavati Engineering

Karnavati Engineering was established in 1981 to supply differentiated and customized machinery to the pharmaceutical industry through innovative thinking and quality assurance. The company manufactures tablet compression, capsule filling machines, R&D instruments, punches and dies and granulation equipment. The division’s manufacturing facility in Kadi, Gujarat confirms to the most stringent global cGMP standards. The company’s core strength lies in customizing and configuring machinery depending on the end product.

Business Verticals

  • Tablet compression
  • Capsule filling
  • Multipurpose equipment
  • Granulation
  • Tablet tooling
  • Accessories


  • Present in more than 60 countries; with more than 5000 installations
  • Strong domestic presence with 5 branches across India
  • Highly qualified and experienced personnel
  • Caters to pharmacy, food & confectionary, ceramic, camphor and chlorine industries

For more information visit - http://www.karnavatiengineering.com/